Welcome our new Perez Auto Repair Blog. We have created this section of our web site to remind our valued customers about car safety, knowing your vehicle, preventative maintenance and more. For our first article we would like to remind everyone it is as important as ever to  drive safely, and from time to time. brush up on some safety tips that all drivers should know. Drivers today are more distracted than ever with so many gadgets, gimmicks and smartphones built into our vehicles, so it is critical that you know the way to safe driving, and keep it in mind every time you’re driving around Phoenix.

When you’re behind the wheel, whether alone or with passengers, safety should always be your top concern. The most important thing to keep in mind is to focus on driving, and not try to multitask by using your phone or other electronics while driving.

Another important tip is to slow down. Speeding will diminish your reaction time, and increase the severity of impact in the case of an accident.

Don’t drive in a rush – allow time in your schedule for stops for food, rest, phone calls, bathroom breaks, or any other business.

Adjust your seat, mirrors, and climate control before shifting your car into gear.

Pull over to eat or drink instead of trying to do it while you’re driving, which risks not only making a mess, but losing control of your car if you spill hot liquid on yourself or get too distracted trying to pick up crumbs.

Secure cargo that may move around while your vehicle is in motion.

If you drop something onto the floor, pull over as soon as it is safe to pick it up – never try to retrieve it while your vehicle is in motion.

Keep items that you will need such as toll fees and garage remotes within easy reach.

Always wear your seat belt, and never drive under the influence or while intoxicated. Make sure that you have a designated driver or ride prepared if you will be drinking.

Don’t allow children to fight or climb around your car – too much noise can easily distract you from the road.

Don’t drive when you’re tired, or on medications that can cause drowsiness.

Always use caution when changing lanes. Make sure that you have adequate space, merge slowly and smoothly, and always use your turn signals before making a move.

Be on high alert when driving through areas where there may be obstacles in the road, such as wild animals or children.

Every safe driver should also be driving defensively. Be aware of what other drivers around you are doing, and be prepared for every situation. You should keep a 2-second space between you and the car in front of you, or 4 seconds in bad weather, and don’t stay in other drivers’ blind spots for longer than you have to.

Follow these important tips, and you should be able to stay safe no matter where you drive in Phoenix or the surrounding areas. And if you need help making sure that your vehicle is roadworthy and safe to operate, call Perez Auto Repair today at 602-269-3576 or schedule an appointment online by clicking here.