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Perez Auto Repair Voted #1 Best Auto Repair In Phoenix!

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auto repair Perez FamilyWe are an award winning (Best Auto Repair Shop in Phoenix AZ) third generation family-owned and operated Auto Repair Shop in Phoenix, AZ. Since 1976 it has been our mission to deliver high-quality automotive care with service that keeps our customers coming back. As ASE Certified mechanics and I-CAR technicians, we have the knowledge and experience to perform a full range of repairs for all makes and models. We care about our customers and it shows with our dedication to providing exceptional car care.  It’s the difference of attention to detail and taking steps to meet our customer’s most important needs. To learn more about the Perez Auto Repair Shop family legacy please visit our About Us page.


Why Choose Us For For Your Auto Repair?

There are plenty of auto Service & repair shops in Phoenix that know how to repair vehicles. Like them, we follow manufacturer recommendations in our maintenance services and repairs to protect each vehicle’s optimal performance and value. But we also know how to treat our customers right! Phoenix car owners need an auto service and repair shop they can trust to give them honest information. They also need to know that their vehicle’s service won’t brake their budget. Perez Auto Repair partners with trusted companies to offer flexible financing options for our customers, so you won’t have to choose a healthy car over paying the electric bill. We also partner with the National Pronto Association to source quality parts and equipment, guaranteeing we won’t waste your time preparing for your vehicle’s repairs. We get the job done right the first time and get you back on the road in a safe and reliable vehicle.



Flexible Payment Options Available!


We all know that unscheduled repairs on your vehicle can happen from time to time. Perez Auto Repair offers an early purchase option to help get you back on the road ASAP! Our team works with "Westcreek", "Snap! Finance" and "Sure Pay". If you’re interested, sign up today for the 90 Days Flexible Payment Options. Let’s work together to get the service you need today!

Schedule Your Auto Repair Appointment Today!

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Perez Auto Repair is a company you can trust with your vehicle’s next maintenance service or repair. We’re confident that you’ll be happy with your decision, as we are the area’s preferred team you can trust for high-quality, and affordable service. To schedule your next visit, please call 602-269-3576 or use our convenient online scheduling system. Our shop is open on Saturdays for your convenience, so you never have to worry about when to squeeze in your vehicle’s next service. If you have a free moment, feel free to stop by the shop at 429 S. 35th Avenue. Our friendly staff members can perform same-day service or answer any of your questions and concerns. Enjoy shuttle service to local destinations or refreshments and TV in our shop while you wait. We’ll have you back on the road in your healthy and happy vehicle!


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