Heater Core Repair

Phoenix Heater Core Repair

The heater core is a component of the cooling system that operates by circulating hot coolant from the engine through the dashboard’s heater core. The blower fan then distributes the warm air to defrost the windshield or heat the vehicle’s interior, providing precise temperature control. However, when the heater core malfunctions, it affects the driver’s control over the vehicle’s warmth, posing risks in cold weather or when visibility is reduced due to fogged-up windows.

Unlike other components that typically leak onto the ground, the heater core leaks into the vehicle’s interior, making it challenging to deal with. Most heater core problems are caused by inadequate maintenance of the cooling system. Accumulation of rust particles, dirt, and depletion of anti-corrosion agents in the coolant can cause harm to the heater core’s narrow passages.

If you notice a sweet, fruity smell of coolant inside your car, it may indicate a severe coolant leak, causing a mist that fogs up the windows and harms your health if inhaled. In case of a leak in the cooling system, including the heater core, the vehicle will lose coolant, leading to abnormal temperature gauge readings.

Preventive measures, such as flushing and replacing the coolant according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, can help avoid such issues. If you suspect your heater core is faulty, it’s crucial to seek professional assistance to avoid inconvenience, danger, and damage to your car’s interior.

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