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Learn About Your Vehicles Fluids

At Perez Auto Repair of Phoenix we know todays' vehicles can be very intimidating for the average driver. As we are continually sharing the importance of regular maintenance, one of the easiest things you can do at home to keep your car in good running shape is to check and maintain your fluid levels. Keeping your fluids at their recommended levels can save you unnecessary engine wear or damage and help prevent [...]

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Dashboard Warning Lights

What are all those Automotive Dashboard Warning Lights? Today’s vehicles are filled with electronics and sensors to keep track of how your vehicle is functioning and make driving easier. Every warning light on your dashboard should light up for a few seconds when you first start your engine. Luckily, the auto pros at Perez Auto Repair of Phoenix know exactly what every one of those lights mean. Your vehicle’s warning light are [...]

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Conventional Oil, Synthetic Blend Oil or Synthetic Oil?

You may have wondered why your Perez Auto Repair Service Advisor in Phoenix might ask you every time you get an oil change - conventional, synthetic blend or synthetic? He might tell you that synthetic is best - and it is almost always more expensive - but you probably don’t know why. Is there really a difference, or is he just trying to squeeze more money out of you? The fact is, [...]

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Keeping Your Engine Cool With Coolant All Summer

Automotive coolant. With Summer upon us we want to share some valuable information regarding keeping you and your engine cool. We’re gonna cover your vehicle’s engine’s cooling system, how it works, and the reasons why it might need some work. Coolant, also widely known as antifreeze, is essentially the fluid responsible for absorbing and dissipating heat from your engine by flowing through passages within your engine, then out of the engine and [...]

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Electric Vehicle Versus Hybrid Vehicle

Perez Auto Repair understands that with the price of gas and cost of living rising year after year, you may have considered buying an electric (EV) or hybrid vehicle to get around Phoenix at a discounted cost. But, you may have been wondering what is the differences between a full EV and a gasoline-electric hybrid vehicle? What are the advantages and disadvantages for each? Well, Perez Auto Repair has the answers. While [...]

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Hello Phoenix – Drive Safe!

Welcome our new Perez Auto Repair Blog. We have created this section of our web site to remind our valued customers about car safety, knowing your vehicle, preventative maintenance and more. For our first article we would like to remind everyone it is as important as ever to  drive safely, and from time to time. brush up on some safety tips that all drivers should know. Drivers today are more distracted than [...]

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