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Scion Repair – Scion is a brand under Toyota which was first sold in 2003 and will cease production by the end of 2016. Designed to target younger customers, the Scion brand primarily featured sports compact vehicles. Scion, meaning the descendant or heir of a family, is meant to refer to both the brand itself being a younger offspring of Toyota and its customers being the younger family members of existing Toyota owners. One of its unique strategies in targeting the generation Y demographic was relying primarily on guerrilla and viral marketing, utilizing the Internet and social media heavily before other automakers.

On February 3, 2016, Toyota officially announced that the Scion brand would be discontinued after the 2016 model year. The FR-S, iA, and iM will be rebadged as Toyota models for 2017, while the tC will be discontinued entirely. The upcoming C-HR will also be sold as a Toyota, and the FR-S will be renamed as the Toyota 86. Scion models will continue to be serviced at Toyota dealerships.

Introduced as a quirky brand selling rebadged Japanese- or international-market Toyota models, Scion at first seemed like a brand with a lot of promise and did begin to attract younger buyers with the boxy xB, which was efficient, practical, affordable, and stylish – although polarizing to some, with several options appealing to younger buyers available. Its stablemate at the time, the xA, was a more conventionally styled and boring compact car, but it also proved reasonably popular.

The FR-S sports coupe has been strong-selling in the U.S., but not by enough to save the brand. Scion vehicles were also criticized by some for being inferior in quality and value, including price and warranty, to their competitors, and too expensive for the targeted youth demographic. Falling sales numbers and a climbing average buyer age – up to 49 years old in 2013 according to Reuters – eventually led Toyota to decide on discontinuing the Scion brand.

As the brand continued, it began to produce less quirky and less appealing cars such as the front-wheel-drive tC, the second-generation xB which became much bigger and less stylish, and the successor to the xA, xD, which led many to criticize it as losing its identity and vision. The tC went through 13 years of sales with only one major update, in contrast to the Civic which went through three generations in the same time, and the second-generation xB was widely criticized for being boring and lacking character, and was heavily outsold by its main competitor, the Kia Soul.

For its last year of production, Scion’s current model lineup includes the tC sports compact coupe, the xB five-door wagon, the iM five-door wagon, the iA compact sedan, and the FR-S sports coupe.

Perez Auto Repair makes it our number one priority to keep your Scion running efficiently with regular service, maintenance and repair. Automotive maintenance is important to keeping your vehicle running efficiently with regular service, maintenance and repair. Automotive maintenance is important to keeping your vehicle running efficiently with regular service, maintenance and repair.

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