electric window repair


Many of today’s vehicle have power windows. With power windows, simply pushing a button or a lever allows you to open and close any window you want from the comfort of your driver’s seat. But what happens if one of the components of your power window system fails without warning? You may be stuck with your windows open or closed, with no way to move them yourself. If they’re closed, it might not be too much of an issue, unless you’re without AC also in Phoenix. But, if they’re stuck open, you’d better hope that it doesn’t rain before you get them fixed, or that an opportunistic petty thief sees your open windows as an easy opportunity and ransacks your car, or even steal it.

The number of new cars that can still be purchased today with hand-cranked windows can probably be counted with one hand. Only the base ‘stripper’ models of the cheapest economy cars are even available with hand-crank windows. What does that mean? If you like driving around Phoenix with your windows down, you’re most likely at the mercy of your modern car’s power window systems. And if your climate control stops working, then you’d better hope that your windows work in the summer, or you’ll be sweating puddles onto your floor mats.

Luckily, here at Perez Auto Repair, our skilled technicians can help diagnose and repair problems with your power window system.

In most cases, power window repairs are relatively simple, simply consisting of replacing faulty components. Once the problem is figured out, the process is usually pretty quick and easy. However, sometimes more than one part fails, and it will take further diagnosis and repair to completely fix your power window system.

Determining the exact cause of your power window failure can take some tricky analysis of wiring diagrams and involve electronics testing equipment. There are several common failure points in power window systems, including the switch, motor, regulator, and wiring. To repair the system, the point of failure must be correctly identified, then we must determine which parts need repair or replacement.

You can prevent further damage to your power window system by bringing your vehicle in as soon as you notice a problem. If your windows are starting to move more slowly than usual, or begin to work intermittently or are not moving as smoothly, contact Perez Auto Repair online , via phone 602-269-3576 or stop into our facility located at 429 S. 35th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85009.