rack and pinon steering repair

Phoenix Rack & Pinion Steering Repair

What can go wrong with your vehicle’s steering system? At Perez Auto Repair, we want our drivers to understand the basics of how their vehicles work. That makes it easy for them to make the right decisions for its care and repairs. You know that your car is steered using a rack and pinion system, but what might go wrong that would require repairs? Here are a few potential problems you might see with your vehicle’s steering:

Steering Fluid Levels
Maintaining a steering system to prevent major problems is easy. Just visit our professionals for fluid service! We ensure the steering rack fluid is at the proper level for continued performance. If fluid levels are off, parts won’t move effectively and will wear down more quickly from increased friction.

Steering Fluid Leaks
If steering seals fail, you might have a leak that causes your vehicle’s steering to change. It might feel loose or wobbly. You might notice that your car drifts to the left or right on a straight and even road surface. This is a good reason to visit our experts for diagnosis!

Rack and Pinion Parts Repair
Lots of components contribute to your car’s effective steering. These parts are susceptible to wear and may harm your vehicle’s performance if they are damaged. Our experts inspect every part during rack and pinion repair to ensure everything is ready to work well for your vehicle.

Contact Our Experts

Rack and pinion steering problems are easy to catch as they will change the way your vehicle drives. If you notice changes, visit our steering specialists for service! Our experienced technicians will inspect the system for common culprits — like low fluid levels, leaks, or damaged parts. Once we identify the issue, we’ll perform repairs quickly to get you back on the road! Because our shop works with fast part suppliers like the National Pronto Association, we’re able to provide parts and repairs fast, so vehicles don’t spend time waiting around in our shop. Get back on the road with full control and confidence in your vehicle! Call 602-269-3576 or use our convenient online scheduling system to make an appointment for your visit. You can also stop by our shop at 429 S. 35th Avenue in Phoenix, Arizona if you have concerns about your car’s steering. We are here to help!