Traction Control System Repair


Phoenix Traction Control System Repair

Drivers in Phoenix can be a bit overwhelmed with all the new dashboard alerts and buttons on newer vehicles. One in particular is TCS. TCS stands for Traction Control System, this is a feature that’s on all new vehicles and can help to prevent the drive wheels from losing traction on slick or slippery roads.

Here’s a basic understanding of your TCS (Traction Control System)

The Traction Control System uses your wheel-speed sensors on your anti-lock brake system to feel when one or more of your drive wheels are slipping and or loosing traction. Although, vehicles can vary depending on your model and make, but basically the vehicle reduces power to the drive wheels and/or apply the brakes to restore needed traction. When the TCS engages, a dashboard light may illuminate depending on your vehicle to alert you to the action.

Additionally, TCS works as a driver who eases their foot off the accelerator when they feel a drive wheel starting to slip, it’s as if they were to accelerate too quickly on a slick surface. Additionally, TCS can detect a wheel slipping sooner, react faster and, in some cases, reduce the power to individual drive wheels.

Again, depending on your vehicle some TCS systems will vary in performance, some traction control systems can intervene a bit too quickly or may shut off too much power to the drive wheels, and the result is you could still get stuck in snow or ice storm and find yourself going nowhere fast. In some situations you may be better off turn deactivating the traction control system and start moving by rocking your vehicle back and forth or powering through by flooring the accelerator.

Even though some earlier versions of TCS started appearing in the ’70s, it wasn’t until the late ’80s that TCS became more widely available on more vehicles, initially on high-end vehicles such as BMW, Mercedes and other high end brands and eventually making it on the more economic brands. Now days, all modern vehicles have TCS, but it has also become less visible in the last decade due to the fact that it’s sometimes incorporated into the electronic stability control system (SCS).

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