Ball Joint Repair


Ball Joint Repair with Perez Auto Repair – It may sound like a part of your hip or knee, but ball joints are an important part of your vehicle’s suspension. The fact is, they function very similarly to your own joints. Whether we’re talking about human hip joints or your vehicle’s suspension joints, they allows your vehicle’s wheels and suspension to move independently. Ball Joints are small socket joints that are vital to your vehicle’s function.

The ball joint is a small part, which costs can greatly vary depending on your vehicle. Replacing a ball joint generally requires a professional mechanic and can takes a few hours to replace. Having a faulty ball joint can cause numerous problems with your vehicle’s handling, and ignoring a worn out ball joint can lead to further damage or even cause an accident, so if you notice that your ball joints seem to be wearing out, having them replaced quickly is always the best option.

Some symptoms of a worn out ball joint?

– uneven and/or accelerated tire wear

– clunking noises from your suspension

– steering wheel shaking

– alignment is off

– your vehicle pulls to one side

By fixing the ball joint as soon as it starts to show symptoms of a problem, you can prevent additional wear and damage to your vehicle. Replacing a faulty ball joint will keep your car from steering poorly and help your tires last longer, making your vehicle handle better and drive more safely. Although it is a small part, ball joints play a big role in your vehicle’s operation.

When you get your ball joints replaced, your mechanic should also perform an alignment and inspect the entire steering and suspension system for further damage or wear. This will help save your from unnecessary expenses in the future. If you suspect that your ball joints need replacing, contact Perez Auto Repair online, via phone 602-269-3576 or stop into our facility located at 429 S. 35th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85009.