In today’s world, where high-tech cars and endless mobile electronics are ubiquitous, having a reliable car battery is a must. Whether you are on a road trip with your family or just running errands in Phoenix, your electronic devices need to keep working. Your car battery is an essential component of your vehicle as it powers all the latest gadgets and sends power to the starter to turn over the engine. To avoid an untimely breakdown, it is crucial to extend the life of your car battery.

Perez Auto Repair has stated that car batteries only last for a few years, typically three to five, and several factors can reduce their lifespan. To help you get the most out of your vehicle’s battery, here are some tips:

  1. Keep Accessories Off When Starting the Engine: Seat warmers, heated steering wheels, lights, radio, cell phones, climate control, and navigation systems all drain your vehicle’s battery. It’s advisable to turn everything off when you exit your vehicle so you don’t have to worry about them when you start your vehicle, especially in cold weather.
  2. Avoid Short Trips: If your vehicle remains unused for extended periods, take occasional extended trips to help the battery regain a full charge. If you know your vehicle will have infrequent use for an extended period, invest in a charger that can supply low power to help your battery maintain a full charge and prevent it from draining down completely.
  3. Be Cautious of Extreme Weather: Extreme temperatures can be detrimental to your vehicle’s battery. For instance, in Phoenix, hot summers can cause your vehicle’s battery to age more quickly, while cold weather can also be hard on your battery as it requires more power. Test your battery in every season, not just when it gets cold.
  4. Clean Battery Terminals and Test Your Battery: Your vehicle’s battery requires maintenance and testing. Periodically check the battery’s connections to ensure that they are secure, clean, and not showing any signs of corrosion. The cables connecting to the terminals can develop a powdery substance, and to remove it, you can mix two tablespoons of baking soda with an equal amount of water to form a paste. Apply the paste to each terminal using a toothbrush, followed by a wire brush to remove the residue. Finally, wipe the terminals dry with a clean towel before reconnecting them. There are also special corrosion cleaner sprays, terminal protection sprays, and battery terminal cleaning tools available to make this process easier.

Most newer vehicles have a warning light on the dash to indicate if the battery is not maintaining a full charge or may not be able to accept a recharge. If not, replace the battery immediately. By following these tips, you can extend the life of your car battery and avoid any untimely breakdowns.

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