Phoenix Engine Repair

Imagine you’ve just driven past Camelback Mountain in Phoenix and you notice a change in your car’s exhaust. If so you should be a bit concerned. Even if you don’t notice a change in your vehicle’s performance or efficiency and there are no warning lights on your dashboard, smoke coming from your exhaust is more often than not a sign that something may not be working correctly.

We have some good news. There are a few different colors of smoke that can point to common issues which are relatively easy to diagnose.

If you see blue smoke coming from your exhaust pipe it most likely means that your engine is burning oil. The most common causes of this problem are your valve guide seals, piston rings, or head gasket being worn out, allowing oil to leak past where it belongs into the cylinder, where it is being ignited with the gaIf you see blue smoke, you should visit Perez Auto Repair so they can check your engine’s seals and gaskets and replace the worn ones as soon as possible to prevent further, possibly catastrophic, damage to your engine. Until then, you should check your oil regularly, refill it if it goes down, and avoid putting excess stress on your car until you can get to Perez Auto Repair.

Burning oil can cause your car to produce more pollution and run more roughly, as it can damage your spark plugs.

The second most common reason for blue smoke is, if your car is turbocharged, the turbo(s) may need to be rebuilt or replaced.

Gray smoke is not as telling as blue smoke. It can also mean that your car is burning oil or needs a new turbo, and you should get all of these checked as soon as possible, but it can also mean other things.

Gray smoke may be automatic transmission fluid leaking into the engine and getting burned up, which would mean that you need a new transmission vacuum modulator. It could also mean a stuck Positive Crankcase Ventilation valve, which is designed to cut down on harmful emissions by recycling them back into the combustion chamber. Your PCV valve getting stuck can lead to a buildup of pressure and oil leaks.

Thick white smoke can be caused by your engine burning coolant. This is most likely a serious issue such as a blown head gasket, damaged cylinder head, or a cracked engine block, all of which can quickly destroy your engine if not taken care of right away. Even a small leak in coolant can lead to overheating and risk serious damage to your engine, or mix with oil and destroy its functionality.

Black smoke means that your engine is running too rich. This may be due to an air filter, oxygen sensor, fuel injector, fuel pressure regulator, clogged fuel return line, or another component of your intake and injection system malfunctioning. Usually, this will not lead to any serious problems or damage, but will definitely negatively affect your fuel economy and should still be remedied as soon as possible.

Any smoke coming from your car is a sign that something may be wrong. Pay attention to what your vehicle needs and take care of it to ensure that it lasts you as long as possible. Here at Perez Auto Repair of Phoenix, we are happy to help figure out why your car is smoking and perform any engine repair to alleviate the problem. If you believe you need engine repair or are not sure and would like to have your car diagnosed, contact Perez Auto Repair online via phone 602-269-3576 or stop into our facility located at 429 S. 35th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85009.